Brethren Housing

Brethren Housing Association (BHA) in Harrisburg operates very much like the Keystone Opportunity Center in that their programs seek to treat the whole person, mostly single Moms.  

Over the years BHA has been buying up the row homes in their block and across the street from their Church.  Many of these properties where "crack houses" and similar problem properties.

Using a combination of grants, fund raisers and volunteer labor, the properties are rehabilitated into one and two bedroom apartments.  These renovations often require completely gutting the property and starting over.

Once the repairs are completed - the property enters BHA's assisted housing program where program participants live during the time in the program - lasting up to 2 years when they move up to their own apartment.  

Indian Creek volunteers of all ages and abilities make several day trips a year to Harrisburg to help with the repairs.  For more about Brethren Housing Association - click this link. 

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