Sara Shisler

Sara's Missionary Experience ( 1896-1968)

"One evening Sister Shisler in her sermon touched a responsive chord in a boy's heart. After the sermon he asked to speak. He arose and earnestly pled with his people to renounce their sins and follow Jesus." - The Missionary Visitor (1928)

Sara Shisler, fluent in the Bura language, was a dedicated teacher who love to teach the Bible and preach in the Nigerian Church. She served as a Brethren missionary from 1926 to 1961.   Many of the active Christian leaders of the Nigerian Church used illustrations and insights into the Bible given to them by Sara. She also took on nursing duties when a hospital was established.  When one of our current members, Leon Moyer, was serving in a Brethren work camp in Nigeria, he asked if a man knew Sara Shisler.  The man replied that he not only knew her, but Sara had delivered him in the hospial at Garkida.  She deeply loved people evident by her visits and letters.  She had so much to share because she daily received so much from her close walk with her Lord.

At Rest

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