Ronn Moyer

Ronn's Missionary Experience

"This was no easy period of time - to say the least - yet it was the most meaningful and rewarding period of my life."


"Indian Creek Church of the Brethren was my parent's church, so I have been a lifetime member. Along with the Quaker and Mennonite denominations, the Brethren have been known and recognized as a "Peace" denomination. Because of this and my own learned beliefs growing up, I was taught that war is wrong and killing another human unacceptable behavior for a Christian. Therefore, at age 18 when I faced conscription (the draft for military service), I registered as a conscientious objector and was allowed to perform alternative work acceptable to the draft board for a two year period. Long story - made short, I was sent to Nigeria, West Africa to the Church of the Brethren Mission to work among the missionaries. The various tasks assigned me there included secretarial chores, teaching 5th grade English in the elementary school and supervision of the citrus orchard on station.

Most of the long term relationships I made there were with the students I had taught.  These men (there were no female students back then - 1955) are now the senior leadership in the churches, which today are being burned and both pastors and members killed by a radical Muslim group of insurgents who call themselves Boko Haram." -Ronn Moyer

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It is now just seven years shy of 100 years ago that the first missionaries - H. Stover Kulp and Albert Helser arrived in Garkida, Nigeria as new missionaries from our denomination.  During the interim since, scores of missionaries and Brethren Volunteer Service members have served there to educate and share God's word with the natives. Among the early Brethren missionaries (circa 1920's) was Sara Shisler, a member of the Indian Creek Church of the Brethren.  Click here to read her story.


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